Information and documents
for Sri Lanka

Flight ticket


  • Get a visa in Sri Lanka through the online system ( Take your printed visa with you and prepare for Sri Lanka’s check-in.

Arrival card

  • When you arrive in Sri Lanka, you will need the registration arrival card. The cards will be distributed on board where you can fill it in during the flight. It is good to have a pen and glasses with you. When you fill the place of stay, use your first accommodation. Do not stand in the line without having a completed card in your hand.

Travel insurance

  • Arrange travel insurance for your trip.


  • Passport has to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival back home (total length of stay in Sri Lanka + 6 months).


  • Vaccination is not required when traveling to Sri Lanka. Vaccination against hepatitis is an advantage for tourists. Ask your doctor for advice on how to vaccinate. We recommend good and quality DEET 30% or 50% repellent and a mosquito repellent in the hotel room.

Clothes for Sri Lanka

  • Pack mostly lightweight clothing, T-shirts, shorts and cotton dresses for women and girls. It is necessary to have veiled shoulders and knees in temples, you can use the beach scarf there. Guided tours of the temples are barefoot, so it is a good idea to have a pack of wet wipes on your feet to keep your footwear from getting soiled. In the inland you will use one sweatshirt and a lightweight jacket, solid sneakers and long trousers. A small folding umbrella and raincoat will certainly be an advantage.

Money in Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lankan Rupee (Rs) is the currency in Sri Lanka.

    We recommend to change Euro or Dollars directly at the airport where you will find several currency exchanges and ATMs. Differences in exchange rates are negligible. It is better to pay for meals, small souvenirs and personal expenses by cash.

  • The lunch costs approximately 8 €, additional expenses are around 5-10€  per person / day. It will be also possible to change money or use the ATM during the trip (banks and currency exchange offices are closed on weekends and public holidays). ATMs and currency exchanges can be found in every town.

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Sri Lanka