Day trips

Sailing on the Bentota River

Srí Lanka by SAFIR

If you spend your holidays on the beautiful sandy beaches of Bentota or Induruwa, do not miss the opportunity on the River Safari. A refreshing half-day trip will be a pleasant experience for you. We embark on a voyage of magical ship to Bentota Ganga, around the massive mangrove trees that will allow us to discover the forest tunnels that were created above the river. We will enjoy the observation of half-meter bats, birds and dragons. You will be able to take pictures with a small crocodile on your hands.

Galle Colonial City, Madu River Safari

Galle has retained a certain European character. The Portuguese built the first fortress to resist the attacks from the Sri Lankan kingdoms in the north. After the Dutch took over the coastal sites, they improved the defensive system of the fortress, extended the ditch on the mainland and improved the walls and bastions. The British did not do many changes, so the atmosphere of Dutch days has remained in Galle. We will enter the fortress through the main entrance that carries the carved logo of the British sovereign on the outer wall and the VOC symbol of the Dutch East India Company on the inner wall. We will enjoy the view from walls of Galle Dutch Fort (UNESCO) to the Indian Ocean and walk along the lighthouse, in the harbour and the historic centre where you can find a number of lace and carving craftsmen. Galle Fort is an interesting place to enjoy the architecture, history, shopping and taste good food and wine. Walk in Galle to experience the daily life of typical Sri Lankan towns and visit the fruit market, see if fishermen sell their daily catch next to the road.

We will embark on a magical boat cruise along the beautiful Madu River, around the massive mangrove trees that will allow us to discover the forest tunnels that were created above the river. We will visit the mouth of the swamp area with area over 900 hectares where 770 hectares are the water surface surrounding 64 islands. Boating is a great way to take a closer look at this wetland ecosystem complex.

Srí Lanka by SAFIR

Mirissa Whale Watching

Srí Lanka by SAFIR

Mirissa Whale watching is an exciting trip to see whales in the Indian Ocean. Whale groups with splashing fountains cannot be seen anywhere else. We will have a small picnic after sailing out from the port in Mirissa – breakfast on the boat. Groups of dolphins will come to greet us during the voyage and if we are lucky, we will see also a huge sea turtle. Cameras will be on standby and we will surely get unique shots. We will observe the Indian Ocean coastline with the impressive Dondra lighthouse.

On the way back we will take a little stop in Koggala to see the most iconic fisherman in Sri Lanka who sits on stuck rods in shallow water of the Indian Ocean waiting for the daily catch.

Across the Jungle to Crying Fall

We will go across the tropical nature. We will make a short stopover to see the green rice fields. Then we walk through the path between the tea and cinnamon plantations, the mature trees and the wild greenery.

A short walk through the jungle will take you to the Crying Waterfall. Boulders illuminated by the sun and the falling water will fascinate us. If we are lucky, small monkeys will greet us and they will be waiting for a sweet banana as a snack. We will ascend above the waterfall where we can swim in the small lagoon that the river created. We will taste irresistible honey-coconut pancakes in a small restaurant during the return.

Srí Lanka by SAFIR

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